Saturday, May 8, 2010

Researching ways to promote Today's Cleaning Service

I am Debbie Brown co-owner of Today's Cleaning Service. I've built a web site, made business cards, got Today's Cleaning on facebook and twitter. I use vistaprint for many marketing materials. I've also taken a look at I like the idea of direct mailing. It may be a little cheaper then me using my personal send out cards site.

I took a little time off this winter and didn't advertise the business much. So I'm reaching low cost ideas now to add a few more clients to our cleaning services. I don't actually do the cleaning anymore that's done by my husband Ron. Ron is really good at cleaning. Well he's been doing it most of his adult life and well he really likes it. I think Ron most enjoys seeing his clients reactions to their really clean home. Ron has a really good personality and work ethic. His clients really appreciate him and all he puts into the cleaning service that they receive. For (2) YEARS in a row Today's Cleaning Serive got awards for great customer service from Angie's List. We are both really proud of that and we really like the service that Angie's list offers to the community.

Ron he like marketing the old fashion way.. going door to door and talking to the neighbors. Ron likes handing out his business card or flyers. He is such a doll that this really works for him. I'd like to reach a few more people in our area that Ron just cannot physically visit. You can only reach so many people going door to door.

I would love to get some feedback or ideas from others so please leave us your comments.

Till next time,
Deb Brown

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