Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Does Your Cleaning Service Use Natural Cleaning?

My husband Ron has been cleaning Saint Louis Homes since the early 1990's. Something that I think makes him so good at this profession is that he's an artist so he pays attention to detail because it has to look like art when he's finished.

Lately Ron has more concerned for the planet, his health and the health of his clients. Today's House Cleaning Service uses earth friendly non-toxic cleaners.

I especially like it when he cleans our home it is such a pleasure to come home after Ron cleaned it. I get a taste of what his clients must experience. I'm super happy to come home to a fresh smelling clean home after a hard day at the office.
It makes my day. The home is really clean. It smells great. Ron used green cleaning products which protect our health, our children health, our pets health and the health of our Earth, what could be better.

My mom started using these great natural cleaners over 30 years ago.

Here is my plug for our Saint Louis Cleaning Service.

Today's Cleaning service was started here in the Saint Louis, MO area on a part time basis in 1994 and full time since 1999. We've had an amazing 10 years so far and we love every minute of it. My husband Ron is really good and cleaning & making his clients happy. I do the marketing and business cards the office stuff while Ron goes to our clients homes and works his magic. I do mean magic because he is really good at what he does. Ron has a great personality to boot and he's easy to work with. Best of all Ron has high ratings on Angie's List and he got an award for service as well.

Our mission involves not only providing exceptional & reasonably priced residential cleaning services to the Saint Louis, MO area, but our clients have a voice! Our clients are heard by us, and this makes us unique in the cleaning service business. We also provided al a carte cleaning for those who cannot afford to have their whole house cleaned. We've been in the full time cleaning business since 1999 & part time since 1994. Are ratings on Angie's List are at the TOP!

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